Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt 17th Janauary, 2016

Treasure Hunt was organized on 17th January, 2016 under Club Service Avenue. The total entries were More than 130 And the members were divided in 5 teams. It started with a small puzzle which lead team to their respective first clue.

The basic story of the Treasure Hunt was:

A prosperous, cheerful, peaceful and hospitable kingdom of Plethora was ruled by the king Albamus. The generous king Albamus  always strived for the upliftment of his subjects. One new moon night he had a horrible dream of losing his strengths. But before could he plan to protect his strengths a witch casted a spell over him and with an inverse effect, the strengths were dispersed all over the kingdom. The kingdom remained refrained from the lost strengths and ultimately it resulted into misfortune of his kingdom.

And the treasure was “MAGIC STICK”

During this Event, there was great interaction between First Year students and their seniors. With series of feedbacks and three cheers for the club, Treasure Hunt concluded at 1:30pm. After that cold drinks were served to all team members.