GBM Dated 31st July 2019

It is well said by Albert Einstein, “Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen and Critical thinking what nobody has thought”.The theme of GBM was ‘Critical Thinking’, the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.
The GBM started with the President’s order. The informative discussion over various National days celebrated in the week was done. The GBM handovered to the CSD team.
The first session was all about Forming Anagrams for the given words. The three stages easy, medium, hard was there for the games. The game made every Rotaractor think in a very critical way. The next session was very interesting in which two members from each team had to go front and a specific domain was given to them and they were supposed to talk on the domain in terms of questions only. One who answered the counterquestion was eliminated. The public speech on ‘Epigenetics/Revolution, How the experiences of previous generations affect what we are today’ was delivered by Rtr.Raj Mankar.The speech had all biological terms and helped Rotaractors. The Core committee declaration for FE special event was done at last.







GBM Dated 24th July 2019

Coming together is beginning,

Keeping together is progress and

Working together is a success.

following this, to make new Rotaract year a great success all Rotaractors stepped together to commence the new year with the first GBM of the year. The GBM started with the presidential address. President Rtr.Shubham Jagtap discussed on national news One step closer to Moon: Mission Chandtayaan-2. The international news regarding the election of the new Prime Minister of UK and news related to sports were also discussed. The Secretarial announcement by Rtr. Simran Dodmise revealed that Rtr. Shubham Jagtap and Rtr.Aditya Pusadkar placed in the Atlas Copco company. Also Rtr.Rushikesh Kawade placed in TCS Digital company. The experience sharing of placed Rotaractors was quite inspiring. The GBM was handed over to the CSD team. Initially Rtr. Apurva Sawant gave an introduction about the theme of GBM, ‘Sports’.

The public speech on the ‘International Court of Justice’ was delivered by Rtr.Riya Pardeshi.After that four teams were formed with names Vinicius, Wenlock, Soohorang and Miraitowa, the official mascots of the Olympics.

Rtr. Sahil Reddy took ‘Press Conference’ in which member from each team was a part of a one-day cricket world cup winner team. Other Rotaractors needed to ask questions as a reporter. Players from the team had to answer those questions. The game tested the spontaneity skill of Rotaractors.

Rtr. Apurva Sawant conducted the next session,‘Commentary’.In this, the muted videos of various games were shown and members of each team had to provide a voice to the muted video in the form of commentary.

The ‘Kahoot’ quiz was conducted by Rtr.Ajay Patil. The quiz was all about sports. It helped all Rotaractors to improve their knowledge about sports.

In the end, Rtr. Shubham discussed whether it is necessary to spend money on space exploration when we have so many problems on earth? Rotaractors expressed their positive views on it.GBM ended with Presidential order.


Farewell 2019

It is true that ‘Each heart has some pain while leaving something which is closest to it, Some hide it in EYES and Some hide it in SMILES.’

It was the day 21 April 2019, when all faces seemed to be shining with SMILES, but painful emotions were behind it.

Because it was the day of Farewell….

Day of saying goodbye to Senior Rotaractors.

On the day of farewell 21 April 2019, all B.E Rotaractors had given a link of google form to vote for awards. The farewell started with the felicitation of the senior Rotaractors, in which Rose was given and a song was dedicated to each Rotaractor. It was followed by the Award Declaration Ceremony. A small gift in the form of Diary was given to all Rotaractors as a symbol, memories written in it come from the heart and are never erasable, the memories written that will attach them to Rotaract forever.

Games like Guessing Personality, Debate, etc were played by Rotaractors. Everyone enjoyed the games a lot. In between the games, Rotaractors shared their experiences of how the Rotaract club brought changes in their personality. The way they expressed gratitude towards Rotaract was worth appreciable.

Well quoted by Rtr Nikita Mandhare,”Rotaract is a place where you Come Together, Learn Together and Enjoy Together.”

Rtr.Sonali Patil took every Rotractor in the past and flashbacked the journey of four years through an elegant, articulated poem ‘Time passes so quickly!’.

After that Rtr Shraddha Unhale made the announcement of the board. Rtr.Shubham Jagtap became the president of the club. The board handover ceremony was completed with the vote of thanks by Rtr. Simran Dodmise, the current secretary of the club.

We all Rotaractors take a pledge that we will place Rotaract club one step ahead all the time. Finally, this is not a Goodbye it is Thanks for teaching us to be loyal and to be responsible at work.

“May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be even at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face


the rain fall softly on your fields.


until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand”.

Stay connected!

The Board 2019-2020 as follows:

Immediate Past President – Rtr. Shraddha Unhale

President– Rtr. Shubham Jagtap

Vice President– Rtr. Omkar Chaudhari

Secretary– Rtr. Simran Dodmise

Treasurer -Rtr. Riya Pardeshi

Professional Development Director-Rtr. Samruddhi Patil

International Service Director -Rtr. Susmit Raut

Club Service Director -Rtr. Saurabh Firke

Community Service Director-Rtr. Vaibhav Sabane

Fund Raising Director -Rtr. Akshay Gaikwad

Editor In Chief -Rtr. Rushikesh Kawade

Web Designer-Rtr. Anurag Ganjiwale

Asst Club Service Director -Rtr. Ajay Patil

Asst Community Service Director-Rtr. Jeevan Joshi

Public Relation Officer-Rtr. Vedant Mahajan

Editor-Rtr. Lokesh Sonone

Asst Web Designer-Rtr. Aparna Pawar

Joint Secretary-Rtr. Nikita Patil

Joint Treasurer-Rtr. Omkar Mutthewar

Seargent At Arms-Rtr. Kaustubh Dhus

Community Service Officer-Rtr. Dayasagar Rathod

Club Service Co-ordinator –Rtr. Sahil Reddy

Club Service Co-ordinator –Rtr. Apurva Sawant

Asst Public Relation Oficer– Rtr. Manisha Shinde

Asst Public Relation Oficer-Rtr. Krishnakant


Sub-Editor-Rtr. Saurabh Narkhede

Sub-Editor- Rtr. Kirtee Jamddade



GBM Dated 10th April, 2019

The GBM started with the Vice President’s order. Then the GBM was handed over to the CSDs.

First session was a public speech given by Rtr. Jeevan Joshi on the topic of Indian armed forces. He gave information about three uniformed services as follows:


Following that Rtr. Raj conducted the game “Predict the future”. In this game, each team had to enact about the future scenario of topics provided to them. Topics were as follows:-


“MEMORIES TO SHARE” was the last session conducted by Rtr. Sonali Patil. In this session, every team was given the Rotaract avenues and they have to draw the sketch of there memory regarding the events conducted under the respective avenue given to them the avenue were

  • Community Service Avenue
  • Professional Development Service avenue
  • International Service Avenue

After this session, GBM was handed over to Vice president for further proceedings

He then asked Rtr. Akshay Satpaise and Rtr. Abhishek Patil to felicitate back-end committee and media committee of mega-event “COUNTRY CLOCK”. Moving on, there was experience sharing from the core committee of mega-event.

Then Rtr. Abhishek presented the e-souvenir “THE IMPRINT”.

After that Vice President asked Rotaractors to share their experience for all the GBMs conducted in the semester as this was the last GBM of semester.

At last, GBM was concluded with Vice President’s order.