Natural Tendency of people like me !!!

Why I used word ‘me’? Because what I am going to tell you is also the tendency of mine. So why should always start from others, start from ourself is good. We always compare us with others. From childhood our parents used to compare us with our brothers, sisters, neighbours etc. Every individual is a part of comparison these days. Why we do this? If my friend has this thing then I also want this. But do I really want this? Answer from most of the people is ‘No’. Then why we always compare ourselves with others? Only to achieve status, fame etc. We can achieve these all things some or other day but by doing comparison we never achieve happiness that we really have to live stable in this world. If we didn’t run behind what others do but we did whatever we really want then we’ll get inner peace which is the real success, which is the real happiness. With this happiness only we make victory over world. STOP COMPARISON


25 January 2016 “New Website Launch”

Warm Rotaract Greeting!!!

Today,25 January 2016,we are pleased to announce launching of our new Rotaract website. Feel free to comment your thoughts about new website.

You are always welcome
to share with us the joys
that make your heart feel light
and we will smile along with you
and bask in your delight.

You are always welcome
to share with us the fears
that weigh heavy on your mind
and we promise to be there for you
and together we will find,
a way to ease the sadness,
the heartache and the troubles too.

We’ll always keep you close,
in our heart and in my prayers,
because we are your friends,
and a friend is always there.
Because Together we Learn,
               Together we Enjoy,
                Together we Evolve


GBM dated 13th January, 2016

The GBM was conducted by Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and Club Service Co-ordinator Rtr. Shubham Katakdhond and was assisted by Rtr. Aishwarya Bankar. GBM started with announcements regarding placement. After that Group Building Activity(GBA) had started .

The team names were as follows

  • Team A: UNISCO
  • Team B: WHO
  • Team C: UN
  • Team D: UNICEF

    The first GBA was NEWSPLASH in which each team were given a current issue and each team had to make a news on it. After Newsplash, a game was played which was just like a treasure hunt in which we had to solve the brain storming puzzles.

     In the next GBA each team had to find the grammatical as well as symentical errors that were there in the given sentences.

     Next GBA was just like breatheless speaking of alphabets along with their sequence number which was a challenging task. And last activity was DECIPHER. In this activity participant from the respective team had to describe the images which were shown on the screen.

     Finally GBM concluded by the order of the president.


GBM dated 6th January, 2016

This was first GBM of new semester, started with welcoming New Year. This GBM was conducted by Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and Club Service Co-ordinator  Rtr. Shubham Katakdhond. In secretarial announcement, announcements regarding placement and birthdays of club members were done.

Today’s team names were: 

  • Minions
  • Avengers
  • 007

Games enjoyed were:-

  • Review 2015:

This game was basically based on general knowledge. CSD asked the question to members and they had to give the answers for those.

  • Resonance:

The single word was given to volunteer from each team, then he/she had formed question such that given word will be the answer.

  • Bid and Win:

Firstly some words were given to team and had to find synonyms of them and then other teams had to bid for their responds.

Towards the end of GBM Rtr. Likhit Unadkat has done announcement an event IDEA Start-up.