GBM Dated 4th Sept 2019


General Body Meet started with the Presidential order. Rtr. Simran made the secretarial announcement. Then Rtr. Shubham discussed the current affairs and etiquettes to be followed during the lunch interview. After that, the session was handed over to the CSD team. The theme for the GBM was ‘Spontaneity’.It trades off, As you grow older you gain wisdom but you lose spontaneity. Rtr. Apurva introduced the first activity named ‘Switch’ in which students were asked to express the given word in a positive and negative way.

After that, Rtr. Sahil introduced the next activity named ‘Kathayati’. In that, two students from each team were asked to explain about the topic given in the presentation. This activity helped the students to increase their thinking ability and expressing ability.

Rtr. Ajay conducted the next activity named as ‘Simbologia’. In this, the teams had to depict what the different parts of Lord Ganesha’s body resemble. Later on, two students from each team were asked to elaborate the same.

Rtr. Lokesh gave a public speech on ‘Banking’.It was informative and Rotaractors got an idea about how a bank works. Introduction and feedbacks were taken from first year students. After that, Rtr. Vaibhav Sabane, the Community Service Director told about the events conducted under Community Service Avenue and announced the Core Committee for its mega event. General Body Meet was concluded by the Presidential order.




Blood Donation Camp 26th Sept 2019

Life is meant to flow like a river

why not flow in needy’s veins

wouldn’t it be great to live outside of ourselves?

This made every donor to donate their valuable blood. Miraj Sereological Institute Blood Bank and Shirgaonkar Blood Bank assisted the club to organize the camp. To make each Walchandite responsible for society, ROTARACT CLUB of WCE, SANGLI successfully organized Blood Donation Camp in the first semester of the academic year 2019-2020 on September 26, 2019.

The camp was inaugurated at 4:15 pm by the Chief Guest, Dean Students’ Welfare Prof.Dr.B.G.Patil along with Prof. C. H. Wagh, Staff Advisor of Rotaract Club of WCE, Sangli, Prof.S.K.Parchandekar, Mr.N.V Marathe sir and Rtr. Shubham Jagtap, President of Rotaract Club of WCE, Sangli. It was held in classroom numbers 19 and 20 from 4:30 pm onward.

Every donor was taken care of by the doctors and nurses and Rotaractors too throughout the camp. Refreshment, as well as the certificate for donation, was provided to every donor for their contribution to the blood donation, a social cause.

This time,The Blood Donation Camp witnessed the contribution of 124 heroes.The sincere efforts, the spirit of teamwork, co-ordination of all Rotaractors made the camp successful. After all, it is the  teamwork that brings everyone together for the successful execution of the event.


GBM Dated 28th August 2019

It was the first GBM after the success of GIM. ‘Action speaks louder than the word ‘ is what we are hearing from childhood which perfectly depicts that nonverbal actions can take grant over verbal actions.

The theme of GBM was ‘Nonverbal Communication’.The GBM had a very interesting first part in which each of the members present in the GBM had to tell a suitable adjective starting from the first letter of their name. After that, each team member had to sit according to the sorting order of their name. It is often easy to draw image by naked eyes, but the blindfold can’t give clarity of an image. For the succeeded session, CSDs provided two pictures to team leaders and two of the group members had to draw the image by a blindfold, other team members had to guide how to draw the pictures without giving direct clues. Everyone enjoyed the game very much. The game improved the observation skills and imagination skills of the Rotaractors. In the next game, each team was shown four different images related to one word and the team had to guess the word correctly. The game helped every Rotaractor to improve the vocabulary. Everyone always has a wish to work in films to some extent. To reveal the acting skills of every Rotaractors, an opportunity was given through a game to enact a small part of given films. The experience sharing of placed Rotaractors was done at last.





It was 21st August 2019 when enthusiastic, curious minds of FEs came together to learn something incredible. The GIM started with the contemplative quote,”

He who doesn’t know, and doesn’t know that he doesn’t know is a fool, neglect him.
He who doesn’t know and knows that he doesn’t know is a student, teach him.
He who knows and doesn’t know he knows is asleep, wake him.
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise, follow him.” of president Rtr.Shubham.He assured FE students that they will not be neglected but will be taught, awaken and made wiser in the Rotaract family. Rtr. Apurva and Rtr. Sohan conducted the spontaneity checking activities under Club Service Avenue. Afterward Rtr.Ajay told the ideology of the club service avenue. The presentation on Prime Ministers of India from 1947 to till date was given by Rtr.Jeevan, Rtr.Omkar and Rtr.Nikita.Rtr.Omkar elaborated the International Service Avenue. The Professional Development Service Avenue had a game to make strategies for given companies and had to face to media committee of Rtr. Sahil and Rtr.Pallavi.Rtr. Riya highlighted the professional development service avenue. Engraving every learning moment of GIM FEs relished the activities of community service avenue conducted by Rtr. Nikita Mankar and Rtr.Omkar Mutthewar.Elaborating Community Service Avenue Rtr.Lokesh showed the awesome video of all avenues. Finally, the GIM ended with an announcement of Mart Kampf-Breakeven Or Breakdown,FE special event conducted under Profesional Devlopment Service Avenue.