International Service Avenue

The International Service Avenue aims at creating awareness among the students regarding the international issues and bringing them at par with the conditions prevailing internationally.

The various innovative management and personality enhancing events focused on international politics, economics and business are organized every year.  The events include MUNA (based on simulation of UN), Bulls & Bears (based on stock market), Tactic (Nation building), Forex, Biz-wiz etc.

In the previous years, to ameliorate knowledge of various international issues, Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli had organized following mega-events –

  • Mastermind (2016)

The Ultimate Business Tycoon!!!!!

“The success of the young entrepreneur will be the key to India’s transformation in the new millennium”-Dhirubhai Ambani

Mastermind was the simulation of journey of an idea taking the shape and ending up making a person The Ultimate Business Tycoon. The teams here were supposed to have an idea which will solve the problem faced by society. The fund raising from stock market, presentation before investors, briefing of an idea in advertisement and selling the product were few key aspects involved in Mastermind.

  • Dawn ‎₹aid (2015)

Execute a plan or Be Executed!!!

Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right Direction”.

Dawn Raid was an event based on merger and acquisitions. It also included the pulsating stock market, where team as CEO/CFO of the company needs to think if it was a right step to acquire someone or merge with another company. Embarking on Odyssey of finance and corporate, it was also about the survival in the market.

  • Blitzkrieg (2014)

Only victory shall vindicate you!

The World War 2 which lasted from 1939 to 1945, was due to the flickering wounds of World War 1.It might  because of Hitler or anyone else, but the majority of great powers dispel their attack involving more than 100 million people over 30 countries. The war doesn’t only refers to stock of guns, tanks, food and commodity but the strategic use of the same.

Blitzkrieg was the event based on war strategies where teams were representing the countries and needed to prove their ability as administrator eventually stirring suffice move in the bleak period.


  • R- MUN…The Tenth Edition (2013)

It was a simulation of committee meetings under the General Assembly of the United Nations. The issues discussed were

1. Expansion of the United Nations Security Council

2. Responsibility To Protect (R2P)

  • FOREX… The Third Edition (2012)

Make The Money Pulse Beat For You!!!

It was an event based on simulation of the foreign exchange market based on individual trading and currency exchange between

countries via import and export of commodities. The fluctuating currency exchange rates eventually decided the fate of the participating teams.

  • The Third Side (2011)

Don’t Sell…BRAND IT!!

This event was based on Brand Management. In this event the teams, each consisting of 3 participants, had to represent a Company and had to advertise their product through various advertising agencies. This also involved collaboration with other companies for better marketing and thus making the product as well as the company a brand.

  • MUNA…the 9th Edition (2010)

MUNA is an acronym for Model United Nations Assembly. As per its name, the event is the simulation of United Nations Assembly. In its 9th Edition, the teams, each consisting of 2 participants, had to represent a nation allotted to them at the Assembly and had to carry out the proceedings similar to a United Nations Meeting.
The resolution for the 9th Edition was ‘Nuclear Disarmament.

  • White Knights Inc. (2009)

Make a move before you are moved…!

This event was based on the concept of mergers and acquisitions. The teams, each consisting of 3 participants, had to represent a company and had to associate with other companies as the market situation demanded and such that they can make a good profit.

It gave the participants a good knowledge about the economic giants.