Righteous Rendezvous –

A Convergence of Ideas for a Better World

Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli is here with its most awaited and most amazing mega event under International Service Avenue. This event will enrich you with the recent international affairs and test your financial and strategic decision making. So register and check if you can really change the fate of the nation…..

Click here to register for the biggest financial and political quest

The event has been divided into 3 sub-events consisting of:

  1. Decades of Change: A Call for Action – 22nd April – Online mode
    Participants in this activity will analyse newspaper articles spanning 50 years on revolutions, natural disasters,
    innovations, technological developments, riots, fights, and wars of an imaginary nation. They will then write a
    letter to the head of state, either suggesting ways to tackle problems or offering suggestions on how to make
    better decisions that could have avoided the events.
  2. Project Margin Matrix – 29th April
    The participants have to draft a budget for the country they are representing in this sub-event.
  3. International Crisis Conference – 30th April
    The third sub event is a conference where different groups of people who have been abused as a result of their color,
    gender, position in society and more have the right to negotiate for their rights in front of dictators, head of state,
    council members etc.

These events will challenge your mind to think about the things you’ve never thought of. So, register for this event at only 70/-

Grab this opportunity to win exciting prize money and enjoy the thrill of event.