Installation Ceremony 2012


Today, 10th July, the Installation Ceremony for Rotaract Year 2012-13 was conducted
in Rotary Hall, Sangli. The ceremony started at 6:15 pm in the presence of President

of Rotary Club of Sangli Rtn. Dr. Chandrashekhar Purandare the Chief Installing Officer.
The Guest of honor was Rtn. Dr. Sameer Patil the secretory of Rotary Club of Sangli.
The Rotary-Rotaract Committee members Rtn. Ashish Shah, Rtn. Nilesh Pawar and
Rtn. Vardhaman Patil were also present.

Rtn. Dr. Chandrashekhar Purandare guided the members by sharing valuable

experiences in his life. He also shared the history of Rotary Club and Rotaract

Club and conveyed the future planning of the Rotary Club of Sangli.


Afterwards the installation ceremony was started by Rtn. Dr. Chandrashekhar Purandare,

where all Board members, Inducted members & members on probation were felicitated. 

Newly installed President Rtr. Ashima Jain shared her thoughts with all members. Then all dignitaries unveiled the new Letterhead of the club.

Then the secretary of Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli extended his vote of thanks towards all the dignitaries and members. Finally the President declared the end of the ceremony.