GBM dated 5th August, 2015

The first GBM of Rotaract year 2015-16 started with an enormous response of FEs. The GBM was conducted by the Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and by the Club Service Co-ordinators  Rtr. Shubham  Katakdhond and Rtr. Supriya  Dhavalshankh. The GBM initiated with the secretarial announcement regarding placements and birthdays.

The games were as follows:

For this game each team had to split in two parts. One of which acted as celebrity and other as media. Celebrity part had to answer the questions asked by media part of the counter team. Topics allotted to teams were related to current social and political news.
This was a fun game, where teams were allotted with a movie name. Teams were supposed to edit the scenes of the movie in humorous manner and present it on stage with new innovative ideas.

At the end of GBM the board for academic year 2015-16 introduced themselves. The GBM ended with announcement of noble cause “BLOOD DONATION CAMP”.