FE Orientation 2020 -21

The FE Orientation Meet of the academic year 2020-21 was held on 11th March 2021, through the Zoom platform. It started with the interaction of Rtr. Vatsala Singh and Rtr. Aditya Wagh with first-year students. Rtr. Riya Pardeshi commenced the meet and congratulated FEs for getting admitted to WCE Sangli. She also gave an overview of the club. Following it, Club Service Director Rtr. Omkar Chaudhari addressed FEs and shared the motto of Club Service Avenue. 

The first activity Explicandum was taken under Club Service AvenueRtr Krishna Poul instructed the activity and then participants were divided into four teams- CCF Titans, Hostel Warriors, Backgate Champions, Canteen Avengers using the breakout room feature of the Zoom application. In this activity, participants had to guess names, objects, and places from the given images, phrases, and riddles. After each guess, one participant got one image, he or she had to describe that image in 30 seconds.

The second activity Situation Stimuli was conducted under Professional Development Service Avenue. In this activity, participants were given a situation of a particular professional and they had to react to that situation in a professional way. The Guessing Game was another activity, in which FEs had to guess the word from the given meaning and jumbled letters and then make a meaningful sentence out of that word. Rtr. Sohan Olafwar gave the overview of Professional Development Service Avenue.

Rtr. Satyam Baldawa conducted a small general knowledge quiz. Rtr. Onkar Hande, Rtr. Tanaya Firke and Rtr. Priyanka Khadatare shared information on Europe-UK-Brexit, Japan, and UAE respectively under International Service Avenue. It was followed by a small quiz on International facts. Rtr. Manjiri Choudhari gave the information about International Service Avenue and various events under it.

Rtr. Prathamesh Shinde explained 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Rtr. Vatsal Singh and Rtr. Pratik Raut conducted an activity, in which FEs had to guess the sustainable goal from the given description. Nikita Khot answered the maximum of them. This activity was conducted under Community Service Avenue. Rtr. Kaustubh Dhus explained the importance of Community Service Avenue, he also told about all the past events and activities under community service avenue.

Rtr. Onkar Hande took the feedback from FEs. Rtr. Nikita Patil shared a video of the glimpse of last year’s activities of the club. At last Rtr. Riya Pardeshi concluded the meet.