1. Community Service Avenue



Small Acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. Community Service is the dontion services in the form of volunteering to benefit individuals or groups within a community or the community as a whole.

‘It takes a little time for the oil lamp to catch fire, but once it catches fire, it burns’. Thus, an initiative to light the lamp was taken by Rotaract club of WCE, Sangli through Adhyaya.

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Seven colors of a rainbow symbolize the seven competitions of the Rainbow of Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, the competitions being namely, Chess, Painting, Essay Writing, Rangoli, Group Singing, Quiz and Fancy Dress. The school students of the 1st to the 10th standard participate in huge numbers. Participants from almost 35 schools of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad areas contribute with full enthusiasm.  Know more…


Blood Donation Camps

Saving lives of other people can be exhilarating for most of us, and sometimes all it takes is donating a pint of our blood. Blood Donation Camp was successfully conducted under the Community Service Avenue on 31st August 2017. The Blood Donation Camp started at 4.30 p.m. with the inauguration by Dr.B.G Patil. Prof. C.H Wagh motivated volunteers for their continuous endeavor in this regard. He also stressed on the growing need of blood in the state and commended the young donors for their noble act, leaving behind the myths about blood donation, students showed great enthusiasm to donate their blood..Know more..



Deaf and Dumb Rainbow

Rotaract Club Of WCE Sangli organizes Rainbow for the deaf and dumb, physically challenged, orphans and HIV affected students. Know more…

2. Club Service Avenue


General Body Meet

As the name itself suggests the General Body Meet is a platform which brings together every member of the club and purports to develop ones overall personality. Held on every Wednesday, the GBM comprises of games and events which help the Rotaractors to gain knowledge, information, to improve their verbal skills, have fun and above all make new friends. To name a few, games like J.A.M’s, Group Discussion, Debates, press Interviews etc are organized. It also emphasis es on developing the qualities like team spirit, self-confidence, communication skills and stage daring.

FE Orientation 

An event which is organized every odd semester for the newly admitted fresher’s, where they are acquainted with the functioning of the club, its activities, what the club is and how it helps each Rotaractor to gain a positive outcome from it.Know more….



Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt 2017

The brain storming puzzles and clues keep the members zestful throughout the day of the ‘Treasure Hunt’. The members are divided into teams and each team follows a trail of clues to reach to the main clue. The event is organised every semester and it inculcates amongst members- team spirit and the importance of an organised effort as a group. Know more….

3. International Service Avenue


Dark Peace

World suffers from many issues now and then. To solve these issues, it is necessary for the countries to come together and form resolutions to be followed. DARK PEACE similarly organized an ‘INCITE SUMMIT’ in which delegates of 15 countries participated. The problems mainly discussed were NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, MARINE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND POLLUTION CONTROL, CYBER SECURITY. Out of these 3 resolutions, delegates selected ‘CYBER SECURITY’ topic and resolutions were passed by confirmation of 12 countries.
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MasterMind  was an intensive  Business plan competition where individuals were to evaluate their potential ideas in the competition. MasterMind provided students with opportunities to develop and practice pitches.The Mega Event was based on “Innovative Startup Ideas” ,promoting entrepreneurship spirit in the students.


Dawn Raid

Dawn Raid promises to be a grand business Mega event. It is an event based on mergers & acquisitions. It shall also include the pulsating stock market. Do you have the thought process as that of CEO of a company? Can you expand your business? Do you possess acumen to survive in a stock market?  Dawn Raid has been designed to answer the aforementioned questions. Let’s embark on an odyssey of finance & corporates.

Dawn Raid



The Hall of Justice….

First time in the history of Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli an event Based on court room simulation had been organized exclusively for FE and SE’s in March 2015.

In this event Social and political topics had been discussed by participants. Judge for the event was Adv. Faruq Kotwal.



History bears testimony to the fact that the end of one war is often the cause of another. While the world has seen a relative peaceful environent since 1945, is it the calm before the storm ? Blitzkrieg is an event based on war strategies provides you an opportunity to prove your mettle as an administrator and sail safely
through this storm.



It was a simulation of committee meetings under the General Assembly of the United Nations. The issues discussed were

1. Expansion of the United Nations Security Council

2. Responsibility To Protect (R2P)




“Finance is a gun, Politics is knowing when to trigger it.”
The Indian economy is quite diversified where government and finance are forever linked. Government makes an impact on common people by making policies which may be the reduction in taxes or implementation of new laws that may benefit the public. These policies may influence the public but their long term impacts are left unforeseen. The economy of a country is not something that should be twisted for political gain. The lives of common people are drastically impacted by the economic and political decisions of Government.

This year Rotaract club of WCE Sangli presents its MEGA EVENT “Country Clock-Time for a new dawn or a dark age”. An event where you as a participant are given an opportunity to be a part of the Indian government, make laws and take important decisions for the welfare of the country and maintain the financial and political stability within the country. Learn how the important decisions are taken and how they impact the public. Your one decision and you would lead the country to a new dawn or a dark age.

4. Professional Development Service Avenue 



It was our senior Rotaractor who made us realise the potential of becoming forest out of a sapling. To pass on this value an event exclusively for FEs was organized i.e Chrysalis…..Find Your Feet. Knowmore

Language Test

Language Test

As suggested by the Director Sir, Language test was organized by Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, which was exclusively for FEs on 10th September 2015.

The language test started sharp at 6pm. The test was of 50 marks and duration was 90 minutes. The paper contends were:-

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar Section
  • Vocab Section/ Puzzles
  • E-mail Writing

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Professional Development Meet is organized every Friday for the third year Rotaractors who have to face the campus placements at the end of their academic year. The Professional Development Director (PDD) schedules out a complete plan for each PDM along with his fellow Rotaractors.


Graduate Engineers’ Test and Interview Techniques(GET-IT) is a campus simulation program which emphasizes on testing the overall skills of the student. It is organized every even semester for the second and the third year Rotaractors to give them a feel of campus placements. Since last year, it is being organized for the first year students as well.