Community Service Avenue

Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli organized the event Abhyuday-“Together we make a difference” under Community Service Avenue. The event was conducted as a small step towards the progress of society. Following activities were conducted under this event:

Sankalp- “Say no to plastic”. Essay writing and drawing competition were conducted in different schools and colleges to create awareness about the overuse of plastic. All its activities were organized between 2-11 October 2019 in the schools whereas on 15th October 2019 for the Rotaractors in the college.

Street Play- The street play was conducted on 17th October 2019 in the College. The topic for the street play was plastic and its harmful effects and alternatives.

Saksham- Self defence session was conducted on 15 and 16th October 2019 for women empowerment in WCE Sangli.

Janjagruti- An awareness program for women was conducted on 8th November 2019 on different issues. One of the programs was a health checkup program conducted for women in the Mhaisal village.

Club Service Avenue

Treasure Hunt: On 25th January 2020 under Club Service Avenue, the core committee of Treasure Hunt arranged a treasure hunt for First Year students of WCE Sangli. The theme for this year was ‘Enlighten Mind, Save the kind‘. The motto was to increase the interaction between the first-year students and make them more familiar with the college. The final treasure was the sapling which was to be planted.

Treasure HuntArtboard 1final

Professional Development Service Avenue

Mart Kampf: On 31″ August and 1st September 2019, under Professional Development Service Avenue, the core committee of Mart Kampf arranged this FE Special event for the First-Year students.

The event had three sessions. The first session consisted of two parts of which one was a quiz and the other was GDThe second session was the stock market session. In this, the participants were given a list of 10 companies. They had to invest in those companies based on some set of news. The main object of this session was to earn a profit. The third session was all about negotiations. The participants were assigned the roles of industries and the middle man. The industry people had to negotiate with the middle man for brokerage charges.

The main motto of conducting this event was to make the students aware of various investments, business, and negotiation skills. A total of 90 students participate ed in this event. The theme for this event was ‘Break-even or breakdown’. The event proved to be quite effective for first-year students.

International Service Avenue

BureauField-Many Decisions, One Destiny: The problem statement for the event of BureauField was released on 29th January 2020.It consisted of two parts of which one was the automobile industry and the other was the textile industry. It mainly focussed on the challenges faced by the industries due to the fluctuating government norms and policies. As a member of the association of industry, the participants had to suggest some relevant measures to overcome those situations. The event was organized under International Service Avenue. It helped the participants to improve their knowledge in the corporate world.

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