Club Service Avenue

Together we learn, together we enjoy and so ‘Together we Evolve’, is what every Rotaractor experiences via the events organized under the Club Service Avenue. It aims at nurturing the inert potentials of every individual who wishes to be an integral part of the organization. There are a number of events which fall under this domain which are handled and executed by the Club Service Director and the Assistant Club Service Director.

An event which is organized every odd semester for the newly admitted fresher’s, where they are acquainted with the functioning of the club, its activities, what the club is and how it helps each Rotaractor to gain a positive outcome from it.

As the name itself suggests the General Body Meet is a platform which brings together every member of the club and purports to develop ones overall personality. Held on every Wednesday, the GBM comprises of games and events which help the Rotaractors to gain knowledge, information, to improve their verbal skills, have fun and above all make new friends. To name a few, games like J.A.M’s, Group Discussion, Debates, press Interviews etc are organized. It also emphasises on developing the qualities like team spirit, self-confidence, communication skills and stage daring.

The brain storming puzzles and clues keep the members zestful throughout the day of the ‘Treasure Hunt’. The members are divided into teams and each team follows a trail of clues to reach to the main clue. The event is organised every semester and it inculcates amongst members- team spirit and the importance of an organised effort as a group.