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It was our senior Rotaractor who made us realise the potential of becoming forest out of a sapling. To pass on this value an event exclusively for FEs was organized i.e Chrysalis…..Find Your Feet  which comes under Professional Service Avenue.

To Improve morale and leadership skills, removal of the barriers that thwart creativity, corporate and business skills, identify the strengths and weaknesses of a team, soft skills, a guest lecture a guest lecture of Pankaj Samani who is CEO of SMCVPL was organized.

The event started with the inauguration by B.G.Patil and  Pankaj Samani following with a motivational speech by Pankaj Samani over Entrepreneurship.

When you’re seeking employment, your soft skills can be as important as the technical knowledge that is required to achieve success in the profession. Companies look out for the blend of these two. The First round was to check the above skills of the FEs by giving them some outdoor task and a short quiz and based on this the students were shortlisted for the second round

The Second was a Group Building Activity which was a Bidding Round. Motive behind this round was to enhance their listening skills and decision taking ability.

The Last round was to showcase the creativity, problem-solving ability, leadership qualities, presentation skills. Theme of this round was ‘Smart city’. Participants presented innovative solutions for the problems faced by metros ranging from transport to environment management.

Thus, the event was ended with the prize distribution ceremony and everyone went back with a big smile on their face.