GBM Dated 10th Oct 2019

GBM Dated 10th Oct 2019 The GBM of the 10th of Oct started with the president’s order. Rtr.Nikita made a secretarial announcement. Rtr.Shubham discussed on the international news and Nobel awards. The GBM then handed over to the CSD team. The GBM had a theme, ’Ambient’. The public speech on ‘Nuclear weapons’ by Rtr.Sohan was […]

GBM Dated 1st Oct 2019

GBM started with the Vice-President’s order. Rtr.Omkar Choudhari took a short view of all Rotaractors about,‘Lying-Good or Bad?’. Most of the Rotaractors supported to lie depending on the situation. The secretarial announcement by Rtr. Simran was done after that. The first session was about ‘memories’ which was conducted by Rtr. Shreyas and Rtr.Apurva.One of the […]

GBM Dated 25th Sept 2019

The first GBM after Mid Semester examinations of the academic year 2019-2020 was all about observations.It is well quoted,”To acquire knowledge one must study; but to acquire wisdom one must observe”. GBM started with the Vice-Presidential order. It was followed by secretarial announcement  by Rtr. Simran. After that, experience sharing of  Rtr. Saurabh Firke took place.The experience inspired […]

GBM Dated 4th Sept 2019

  General Body Meet started with the Presidential order. Rtr. Simran made the secretarial announcement. Then Rtr. Shubham discussed the current affairs and etiquettes to be followed during the lunch interview. After that, the session was handed over to the CSD team. The theme for the GBM was ‘Spontaneity’.It trades off, As you grow older you […]