GBM Dated 29th July

The soldier, a perfect figure for inspiration, the epitome of the courage, sacrifice, unflinching devotion to duty, scrupulous honesty. He is positively secular and completely apolitical. In hail, sleet and snow, in icy blizzards and pouring rains, he stands sentinel over the nation’s borders.Indian Army showed an example of its bravery in the Kargil War […]

GBM Dated 22nd July

The GBM initiated with President’s order. Thereafter, the lively discussion went on different numeral systems between Rtr. Riya Pardeshi and other Rotaractors. She gave a concise explanation of Indian, International, and Roman numeral systems. Then the secretarial announcement was made by Rtr. Manjiri Choudhari about birthdays. Then GBM was handed over to the CSD team. […]

GBM Dated 15th July 2020

We can learn something from everything, by experimenting with new and different things, because for learning, the sky’s the limit. Following this line of thought, the GBM commenced with the President’s order on the Zoom platform. Rtr. Riya Pardeshi discussed some latest news and happenings in the world with Rotaractors. The Secretarial announcement was made by Rtr. Saurabh Jadhav which […]