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The 20th Century could well be dubbed as ‘The Century of Wars’. Never had the World witnessed a bloodshed of such mammoth proportions. The numerous regional conflicts which escalated into two violent World Wars gave more than just a glimpse of the horrors of War.

While the World has seen a relative peace after the devastation wreaked by the atomic bombs, the serpent of violence has bared its fangs occasionally waiting to engulf the World in the flames of World War III. With the supremacy of United States of America being threatened by rising super-powers like China and India, the extremist fundamentalist whine to bind the World with their twisted notion of religion, the World seems to be inching towards instability and eventual War. Was this period of relative calm result of the efforts of all nations at achieving co-operation or was it the probable calm before the storm?

Blitzkrieg is an event based on war-strategies. It is a simulation of war scenario. The participants are expected to safely guide their country through these situations with the limited resources provided to them. They are to control the economical, commercial and militaristic conditions of their country while engaged in war. The participants must also maintain bilateral relations with other countries, which could later be strategically turned to their advantage. The event would span two days and is fragmented in various sessions.