GBM Dated 21 November

GBM Started with national anthem. President Rtr. Nikita Patil commenced GBM with a topic of Body Language During Interview. Further GBM Handed over to secretarial team, Rtr. Pratham Patil announced birthday of Rtr’s, shared placement success of Rotaractors. Nextly CSD Team took over the GBM ,Rtr. Rutuja started with first activity Questions Only. It was […]

GBM dated 22th August

GBM commenced with a vice-presidential order by Rtr. Vatsala Singh. GBM started with the National Anthem. Following that asked everyone about the experience of Raksha Bandhan, shared her unique experience of the day, after that, all GBM participants prayed for all brothers and sisters of Afghanistan who are going through a critical situation.   Afterward, Rtr. […]

GBM dated 8th August

After the first successful GBM, here comes the next GBM which is unique on its own. This time it also managed to amaze everyone. GBM commenced with a presidential order by Rtr. Nikita Patil. She discussed the United Nations Security Council and gave some information about it. She also discussed the agenda of India in […]