GBM Dated 21 November

GBM Started with national anthem. President Rtr. Nikita Patil commenced GBM with a topic of Body Language During Interview. Further GBM Handed over to secretarial team, Rtr. Pratham Patil announced birthday of Rtr’s, shared placement success of Rotaractors. Nextly CSD Team took over the GBM ,Rtr. Rutuja started with first activity Questions Only. It was activity basically based on conversation in questions only, and one who don’t manage to survive were eliminated. Two groups were formed A and B and one person from each group was selected and eliminated one by one if didn’t manage to survive and another one is selected randomly. 

Further two activities were taken Fandom quiz and Guess who. Fandom quiz was activity of guessing the famous character, its character related questions, like picture of BTS Band was given and asked to tell name of main person of team, Flash character picture was given and asked to guess from which thing he gets power. Last and most favorite activity of all GUESS WHO was taken. It was activity containing guessing of personality just by telling YES or NO. Like one person given the name of personality and others have to guess the character by only answer in form of yes or no, it was the most interesting activity of all. Personalities like APJ Abdul Kalam, Lata Mangeshkar etc. were given. 

Last but not least Rtr. Shruti Jawalkar was declared as GBM performer based on performance and Rtr. Nikita Patil declared meeting as officially over.