GBM Dated 26th September

After the break of some weeks, Rotaractors came together with more enthusiasm and fun. This GBM commenced with the President’s order by Rtr. Nikita Patil, followed by the National Anthem. After that Rtr. Nikita Patil mentioned some of India’s contributions to other needy nations. Then Rtr. Siddhi Lokhande made the secretarial announcement regarding birthdays and placements of Rotarctors.

GBM was conducted by the core committee team of Community Service Avenue led by Rtr. Sohan Olfawar. After that, there was a community debate. There were 4 teams, participants were divided into break-out rooms and each team was given one topic. Each team was asked to discuss that topic and then they had to present their views in front of all the other participants. It went well as each team put their points in a really good manner. Moving towards the fun zone there was a guessing game, the participant was given quiz questions and they had to guess that word. After the quiz, participants were asked to collect all those words and form a new word that was surprisingly related to the mega event.

The most awaited moment was the announcement of the mega event under Community Service Avenue. The name of the event is “NOVODAYA”. Under this event there will be 4 events, core committee members of NOVODAYA explained all the events to the participants. At last Rtr. Pratap Shingane was declared the performer of GBM and everyone congratulated him. The GBM concluded by Presidential order of Rtr. Nikita Patil.