GBM dated 22th August

GBM commenced with a vice-presidential order by Rtr. Vatsala Singh. GBM started with the National Anthem. Following that asked everyone about the experience of Raksha Bandhan, shared her unique experience of the day, after that, all GBM participants prayed for all brothers and sisters of Afghanistan who are going through a critical situation.  

Afterward, Rtr. Vatsala Singh handed over GBM to the secretarial team. Rtr. Pratham Patil mentioned the Birthday of Rtr. Pratik Raut. After that GBM handed over to the CSD Team, Rtr. Tanaya Kadav & Atharva Vaidya led the explained when Raksha Bandhan was started by telling the incident of Lord Krishna and Draupadi and told important aspects of the day, coming forward GBM was handed over to Rtr. Pratap Shingane. Activities like  Quiz, Ethos-Pathos-Logos & Big Talk –The virtual were conducted. 

Talking about Ethos-Pathos-Logos it was based upon how we can sell products using emotional, profitable & convincing approaches. Meaning of Ethos is Ethics, in other words it is acquiring the trust of people. Second thing is pathos. It means pity, according to that one should inspire the audience to feel the product. Last one is logos which relate to logic. Arguing on the facts and reasons basically gets the audience to think. Another one was the icebreaker; three topics were given to participants, Effects of western culture on Indian culture, Why India struggled at the Olympics, Role of individuals in nation-building. They were divided into breakout rooms and a Topic was given to each group. one has to come up with a conclusion on the given topic & present it in the meet. Overall, it was all fun. Moving forward Rtr. Sohan Olafwar Declared Nirmit Chatto as a GBM performer. Lastly, GBM was concluded with vice-presidential order.