GBM dated 8th August

After the first successful GBM, here comes the next GBM which is unique on its own. This time it also managed to amaze everyone. GBM commenced with a presidential order by Rtr. Nikita Patil. She discussed the United Nations Security Council and gave some information about it. She also discussed the agenda of India in this tenure. Then Rtr. Siddhi Lokhande made the secretarial announcement. First, she congratulated placement achiever Rtr. Mayuri Gaikwad for getting placed in NICE. Starting with placement experience of Rtr. Kaustubh Dhus and Rtr. Sahilreddy Bodhkurwar, both of them, shared their experience of campus placements. Rtr. Kaustubh Dhus Started with his interview preparation and experience of getting placed in Pubmatic. He shared his preparation strategy, roadmap, things one should focus on. On the other side, Rtr. SahilReddy Bodhkurwar who is placed in Druva, shared his problem-solving strategy and the important subjects one should focus on like Networking, OOPS, OS and DBMS. Lastly, both shared how Rotaract helped them to improve their communication skills and tackle interviews.

Then, GBM was handed over to the CSD team lead by Rtr. Vaishnavi Kadav. Further, fun activities like Chop and Change and Pictel party were conducted by the CSD team. In Chop and Change, participants were divided into 4 breakout rooms and were given movie names. They had to change the ending of the movie by discussing it in the group within seven minutes. At the end of the discussion, groups represented the altered endings of the movies they were given. It was a very funny and creative activity. Talking about the Pictel party, again breakout rooms were created and one had to draw a picture of a word given to him/her on a clipboard and others had to guess it. Overall it was all fun.

At last, Rtr. Vaishnavi Patil was declared as the GBM performer and everyone congratulated her. After that Rtr. Vaishnavi Kadav shared some key learnings from the book “Atomic Habits” and recommended everyone to read it. GBM was concluded with a presidential order.