GBM Dated 13th December

The GBM commenced with the order of Vice – President, followed by the National Anthem. Then Rtr. Saurabh Jadhav did secretarial announcement about birthdays of Rotaractors. Then, GBM was handed over to the CSD team.

Rtr. Vatsala Singh told the story of a famous speaker with a message ‘No matter what is happening & what will happen, you are worthful’.

Then, Rtr. Vatsala Singh explained the next activity ‘ ROTARACT COMMITTEE ‘. For this activity two teams were formed in the breakout rooms, wherein team1 and team2 named as Waste management and Renewable energy source respectively. Each team was representing a National Committee, giving innovative ideas as a solution to a problem and had to address the queries of National Leaders. This activity gave sight of the working of the National Committee and made Rotaractors aware of real life problems and solutions. 

The second activity was the sequel of the ‘PORTRAY THE THOUGHTS’: ‘PORTRAY THE THOUGHTS- THE PROTEST EDITION’ explained by Rtr. Onkar Hande. In this activity, participants were representing the protestors, protesting for solution to a given topic. Rtr. Vatsala Singh told the importance of protest in a modern democracy to maintain democracy. 

At last, Rtr. Kirtee Jamdade gave feedback of GBM and declared Rtr. Siddhi Lokhande as the Most Enthusiastic Performer of the GBM, and concluded the GBM. 

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