GBM Dated 29th November

This thirteenth GBM commenced with the Presidential order, followed by the National Anthem and handed over to the Rtr. Saurabh Jadhav, who did secretarial announcement regarding birthdays of Rotaractors.Then GBM was handed over to the CSD team.

Rtr. Onkar Hande conducted the next activity ‘ GA20 ‘ wherein participants were divided into two teams using the breakout room of Zoom. These two teams were the representatives of Azerbaijan and Armenia in the General Assembly of the United Nations. This activity involved two sessions, in the first session, members had to decide their representatives, prepare his/her speech and after merging teams of representatives had to give a speech in the General Assembly of the UN. The second session was of questions and answers. This activity helped participants to increase teamwork skill and their knowledge of the international affairs.

Then, the next activity ‘CRACK IT’ was conducted by Rtr. Rutuja More. In this activity, participants had to guess the thing from the part of its picture shown and share the information about it.This fun activity boosted the observation and analyzing skills of the Rotaractors.

After that, GBM was handed over to Rtr. Vedant Mahajan. He concluded the event ‘ABHINAV’ under COMMUNITY SERVICE AVENUE. He shared his experience about their preparation, execution and the success of the event held on an online platform. Also, he expressed his gratitude to all the core committee members for their hard – work and displayed a small video embellished with memories of the event. Then comes the much anticipated moment of declaration of the core committee for Mega – Event under INTERNATIONAL SERVICE AVENUE. Rtr. Jeevan Joshi discussed last year’s event under avenue and declared the core committee for Mega – event also Rtr. Prathamesh Shinde as the best performer of the GBM.

At last, Rtr. Riya Pardeshi concluded the GBM.

Core committee for Mega-Event


 Glimpse of Abhinav- Change begins with us

( Virtual Megaevent under Community Service Avenue organised by Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli )