GBM dated 8th November

This sparkling GBM before Diwali commenced with the Presidential order, followed by the National Anthem. Continued with US elections as an area under discussion with many other interests. Then Rtr. Manjiri Choudhari made secretarial announcements regarding birthdays and placements of Rotaractors.

Then the GBM was handed over to the CSD team.

Rtr. Aman Pandit started with a small question ‘ How many of us plan and follow their long-term goals ‘, emphasizing on the importance of consistency for our long-term goals. Then Rtr. Vatsala Singh explained the next group building activity ‘ Storyistic ‘ wherein a storyline situation with beginning was provided, participants were supposed to extend the story continuously, coordinated by Rtr. Aman Pandit.

The next part of GBM involved Diwali Fun, in which the activity¬† ‘ The Diwali Game ‘ was conducted by Rtr. Vatsala Singh and Rtr. Aman Pandit. This activity was composed of three entertaining games related to Diwali, first part it was a Quiz round. The next part included lantern making. In the last part, the activity ‘ Find The Imposter-Diwali Edition ‘ was conducted which was about pointing out imposter(false statement) among given statements of specific scenarios. These all activities refreshed the childhood memories of the diwali celebration, also glorified the unknown facts about Diwali.

Here it was now Diwali bonus time, that was, a bonus activity ‘ Diwali Poster ‘, as its name suggests it was poster making activity for Diwali but with a theme within 5 minutes. The images of posters made by Rotaractors were shared with the group.

Then, Rtr. Akshay Pawar wished ” HAPPY DIWALI ” filled with happiness, enjoyment to all on behalf of the CSD team. After that Rtr. Riya Pardeshi gave feedback on GBM and requested Rtr. Simran Dodmise to announce the Best Performer of the GBM. And hence she declared Rtr. Onkar Panchare as the Best Performer of the GBM.

At last, the President concluded the GBM.