GBM Dated 8th July 2020

Though it’s a bad break, we need to keep the spirit high and come out with a positive outlook in this negative situation turning the very moment into a new opportunity. With this ebullience, Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, continuing its tradition, welcomed the new minds.

Though virtually connected, first GBM of the year 2020-21 was conducted with full of zest. GBM was conducted on the Zoom Platform. The GBM began with the national anthem and proceeded with Presidential address wherein Rtr. Riya Pardeshi highlighted the Covid-19 situation in the world and told some interesting facts about the Indian Olympic Association. It was followed by the Secretarial announcement by Rtr. Manjiri Choudhari which proclaimed birthdays of Rotaractors. Then GBM was handed over to the CSD team.

Rtr. Vatsala Singh started with a short moral story named “The Tea Cup” which encouraged participants to “keep the thirst for knowledge with that not let our past mistakes weigh us down”. It was followed by a public speech given by Rtr. Aman Pandit on ‘spam mail’ which threw light on the email scam and its security.

Then the entire crowd was divided into three teams namely Cholera pandemic, Smallpox pandemic, Black plague pandemic guided by Rtr. Sohan Olafwar, Rtr. Vatsala Singh and Rtr. Akshay Pawar respectively. The team names were based on different past pandemic situations in the world.

Then Rtr. Vatsala Singh introduced a game ‘Word-wiz’ that had Anagram, Rebus Puzzles, compound words, unscramble words wherein each team had to answer the question displayed on the screen. This game tested the vocabulary and thinking capability of participants. This game was conducted by dividing the team through Breakout Room Feature on Zoom. After that Rtr. Sohan Olafwar and Rtr. Akshay Pawar conducted a quiz related to current affairs on in which everyone participated with full enthusiasm and this helped participants to get in touch with current affairs.

At last, many of them shared their valuable feedback to the CSD team. Rtr. Riya Pardeshi announced the new activity, in every GBM one book would be disclosed and anyone voluntarily can give book review in the next GBM. The recommended book for this week is ‘WINGS OF FIRE’ an autobiography of A P J Abdul Kalam. For the GBM we also had the presence of our alumni Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh and Rtr. Shubham Jagtap.

The GBM was full of learning and fun with a new beginning, in a new way!

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