International Service Avenue


‘Credit Clash’ an event under International Service Avenue started under the leadership of Rtr. Jeevan Joshi, International Service Director. The core committee was declared on 29th Nov and afterward, different activities were planned and designed within 4-5 months. 

The current pandemic has caused many to reflect on their financial situation and look closely at their financial habits. Financial literacy is imperative to manage money effectively. It’s one thing that will impact almost every aspect of our life. These current obstacles create an opportunity for all of us to improve our financial literacy.

With this, the event ‘Credit Clash- Others’ Risk, Your Opportunity!’ was conducted on 8th & 9th May 2021.

At the start of the day, the Inauguration ceremony was done by the Chief Guest Mr. Indrajit Patil, a Senior Enterprise architect in a top global fortune 100 Banking organization, and Dean Students’ Welfare, Prof. Anil Surve. Chief Guest intimated participates with the upshot of financial literacy entrance in real life. Further Prof. Anil Surve sir appreciated the efforts of the core committee for deciding to conduct such a grand event in an online manner and gave their insights on the finance. Shortly alumni joined us and graced the event with their presence.

In financial literacy, the banking sector is one of the important factors. To indicate this point, the first 3 sessions were organized.


BureauField-Many Decisions, One Destiny: The problem statement for the event of BureauField was released on 29th January 2020.It consisted of two parts of which one was the automobile industry and the other was the textile industry. It mainly focussed on the challenges faced by the industries due to the fluctuating government norms and policies. As a member of the association of industry, the participants had to suggest some relevant measures to overcome those situations. The event was organized under International Service Avenue. It helped the participants to improve their knowledge in the corporate world.

Country Clock

“Finance is a gun, Politics is knowing when to trigger it.”
The Indian economy is quite diversified where government and finance are forever linked. Government makes an impact on common people by making policies which may be the reduction in taxes or implementation of new laws that may benefit the public. These policies may influence the public but their long term impacts are left unforeseen. The economy of a country is not something that should be twisted for political gain. The lives of common people are drastically impacted by the economic and political decisions of Government.

This year Rotaract club of WCE Sangli presents its MEGA EVENT “Country Clock-Time for a new dawn or a dark age”. An event where you as a participant are given an opportunity to be a part of the Indian government, make laws and take important decisions for the welfare of the country and maintain the financial and political stability within the country. Learn how the important decisions are taken and how they impact the public. Your one decision and you would lead the country to a new dawn or a dark age.



  1. Rotaract Club Of WCE Sangli successfully conducted its Mega-event “CRYPNANCE – Money of the future or the future of Money?” under International Service Avenue on 17th and 18th March, 2018. It was a fun packed event in which analytical, logical and presentation skills were tested. Participants maintained top level professionalism which took the event to a greater height

Master Mind

  1. MasterMind  was an intensive  Business plan competition where individuals were to evaluate their potential ideas in the competition. MasterMind provided students with opportunities to develop and practice pitches.The Mega Event was based on “Innovative Startup Ideas” ,promoting entrepreneurship spirit in the students.


Dark Peace

World suffers from many issues now and then. To solve these issues, it is necessary for the countries to come together and form resolutions to be followed. DARK PEACE similarly organized an ‘INCITE SUMMIT’ in which delegates of 15 countries participated. The problems mainly discussed were NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, MARINE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND POLLUTION CONTROL, CYBER SECURITY. Out of these 3 resolutions, delegates selected ‘CYBER SECURITY’ topic and resolutions were passed by confirmation of 12 countries.
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Dawn Raid

Dawn Raid promises to be a grand business Mega event. It is an event based on mergers & acquisitions. It shall also include the pulsating stock market. Do you have the thought process as that of CEO of a company? Can you expand your business? Do you possess acumen to survive in a stock market?  Dawn Raid has been designed to answer the aforementioned questions. Let’s embark on an odyssey of finance & corporates.



The Hall of Justice….

First time in the history of Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli an event Based on court room simulation had been organized exclusively for FE and SE’s in March 2015.

In this event Social and political topics had been discussed by participants. Judge for the event was Adv. Faruq Kotwal.



History bears testimony to the fact that the end of one war is often the cause of another. While the world has seen a relative peaceful environent since 1945, is it the calm before the storm ? Blitzkrieg is an event based on war strategies provides you an opportunity to prove your mettle as an administrator and sail safely
through this storm.



It was a simulation of committee meetings under the General Assembly of the United Nations. The issues discussed were

1. Expansion of the United Nations Security Council

2. Responsibility To Protect (R2P)