GBM Dated 22nd Jan 2020

It was the day when everyone was much excited as it was the Treasure Hunt special GBM. The GBM started with the President’s order. The public speech on “Internet Mystery” was delivered by Rtr. Greeshma Asutkar and Tanaya Firke. some of the creepiest internet mysteries of all time that they discussed were Cicada3301, A858, Bitcoin.

Cicada 3301, for over two years, amateur cryptographers have struggled with Cicada 3301, a kind of Internet scavenger hunt that relies on advanced code-breaking — and a working knowledge of things like obscure medieval literature and Mayan numerology — to unlock progressive clues.

A858: Since 2011, a Redditor named A858DE45F56D9BC9 has posted long, coded strings of text to a sub-Reddit of its own making. Thousands of people have devoted themselves to interpreting the posts; there is even a program, A858StatsBot, that automatically calculates information like message length and statistical distribution for would-be decoders. Wrote the bot’s creator, in a GitHub post: “A858 is maybe the biggest mystery on Reddit.”

Bitcoin: This particular puzzle does not, perhaps, rise to the level of otherworldly creepiness that things like Cicada and A858 do. Nevertheless, the question of who created the cryptocurrency Bitcoin remains stubbornly unanswered — despite many attempts to out the man is known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The public speech made Rotactors think a bit over the unsolved mystery of the Internet.

The public speech was followed by a Mini Treasure Hunt activity for which everyone was waiting. In this, a Rapid fire was conducted on who am I? kind of questions. Whichever team will answer rapidly out of 10 questions asked was given clues firstly. The series of clues along with activities conducted lead to final treasure.The Mysterious story of mini treasure hunt was solved on the day of event Treasure Hunt.