General Body Meet started with the Presidential order. Rtr. Simran made the secretarial announcement. Then Rtr. Shubham discussed the current affairs and etiquettes to be followed during the lunch interview. After that, the session was handed over to the CSD team. The theme for the GBM was ‘Spontaneity’.It trades off, As you grow older you gain wisdom but you lose spontaneity. Rtr. Apurva introduced the first activity named ‘Switch’ in which students were asked to express the given word in a positive and negative way.

After that, Rtr. Sahil introduced the next activity named ‘Kathayati’. In that, two students from each team were asked to explain about the topic given in the presentation. This activity helped the students to increase their thinking ability and expressing ability.

Rtr. Ajay conducted the next activity named as ‘Simbologia’. In this, the teams had to depict what the different parts of Lord Ganesha’s body resemble. Later on, two students from each team were asked to elaborate the same.

Rtr. Lokesh gave a public speech on ‘Banking’.It was informative and Rotaractors got an idea about how a bank works. Introduction and feedbacks were taken from first year students. After that, Rtr. Vaibhav Sabane, the Community Service Director told about the events conducted under Community Service Avenue and announced the Core Committee for its mega event. General Body Meet was concluded by the Presidential order.



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