GBM started with the Vice-President’s order. Rtr.Omkar Choudhari took a short view of all Rotaractors about,‘Lying-Good or Bad?’. Most of the Rotaractors supported to lie depending on the situation. The secretarial announcement by Rtr. Simran was done after that.
The first session was about ‘memories’ which was conducted by Rtr. Shreyas and Rtr.Apurva.One of the Rotaractor had to share his/her personal experience about a place in the campus without direct naming the place and others had to recognize the same place. The next candidate was pointed out by the previous one and the chain was supposed to continue. The game recollected the memories of Rotaractors.
The next, very interesting game was News reporting. Rtr. Apurva, the News reporter of the BAAZIGAR channel was in direct touch with all the Rotaractors playing the role of public. Views were taken of the Rotaractors on Various commonly faced problems by engineering students.
The Carry Catcher game was about showing the features of the image in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes. In this one of Rotaractor had to draw a picture of a given personality and others had to identify. The public speech by Rtr.Avinash was given on ‘Basics of Sharemarket’.
The GBM ended with the release of ‘अभ्युदय ‘ conducted under Community Service Avenue.







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