It is well said by Albert Einstein, “Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen and Critical thinking what nobody has thought”.The theme of GBM was ‘Critical Thinking’, the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.
The GBM started with the President’s order. The informative discussion over various National days celebrated in the week was done. The GBM handovered to the CSD team.
The first session was all about Forming Anagrams for the given words. The three stages easy, medium, hard was there for the games. The game made every Rotaractor think in a very critical way. The next session was very interesting in which two members from each team had to go front and a specific domain was given to them and they were supposed to talk on the domain in terms of questions only. One who answered the counterquestion was eliminated. The public speech on ‘Epigenetics/Revolution, How the experiences of previous generations affect what we are today’ was delivered by Rtr.Raj Mankar.The speech had all biological terms and helped Rotaractors. The Core committee declaration for FE special event was done at last.






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