The GBM started with the presidential address. She told about recent CBI news regarding Mamta Banerjee. Then there was an experience sharing session from Rtr. Shubham who got an internship in Atlas Copco.
Moving on, the GBM was handed over to the club service team.

The team names were:

  1. Loog:
    Loog is a line of guitars designed to make it fun and easy to play music. They come with an app that gets kids playing songs on day one
  2. Sphero:
    Sphero is a spherical robot designed by Sphero, previously Orbotix. It is a white polycarbonate ball, capable of rolling around under the control of a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Tegu:
    Tegu is the largest species of tegu lizard. They are an omnivorous species which inhabits the tropical rainforests, savannas, and semi-deserts of east and central South America. Tegus have unusually high intelligence and can also be house-broken.
  4. Tinybop:
    It is an award-winning studio of designers, engineers, and artists building educational apps for kids.

The first session was a public speech given by Rtr. Susmit and Rtr. Riya on the topic INTERIM BUDGET.

Following that, Rtr. Sonali took the game “Saving is earning” in which teams had to make a budget from the amount provided to them.
After that, there was another activity taken by Rtr. Raj named “You are the best” in which a typical personality was given to teams and they had to come up with an ideal personality. The personality was like an engineering student, hostel manager, coach, doctor, etc

The last session was a group discussion. Topics were “can government control petrol prices or not” and  “demonetization”. The judges for group discussion were Rtr. Shraddha and Rtr. Akshay. In the end, everyone got acquainted with the necessities to have a good performance in general discussion.

The GBM ended with the President’s order.

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