The CSD team introduced the theme of GBM which was ‘Skill Development’. 

The first session was Time Management. In this session, teams were asked to prepare a time table for the student who does the following activity other than college schedule :-
1. In order to have good understanding of subjects he has 2 hours of morning coaching class.
2. In order to take care of his health he has time for sports, yoga and meditation.
3. To develop professional skills he has clubs for it which accounts for 1 hour 30 min during evening time.
Time table for the concerned topic was performed by one SE member and one FE member. It was concluded that time for a specific activity may vary from person to person as some are early birds whereas other being night owl.

The second session was an activity named Hungman, in this activity words were given to one member from their team and he was told to use any kinds of hint such that the word should be obtained from team members, this session helped to add 3 new words to everyone’s vocabulary  namely:- Bemuse, Abrasion, Eminent .

The third session was based on Blood Donation Camp .It was named as Facts and myths, wherein the teams had to make an enactment regarding the myths and facts of donating blood. This activity was conducted to make awareness regarding the facts of blood donation.

The fourth session was Present it well. The activity was based on tackling the real life problems. The task was to present those bitter things in such a way that it would seem to be fruitful also the purpose of telling truth would be completed.

Before concluding the GBM feedbacks from members attending GBM were taken.


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