The most awaited day came, for which everyone was excited to crack the brainstorming puzzles.

Participants of the treasure hunt gathered near library steps at 8.30 am. They were divided into five different teams. For each team 2 or 3 mentors were assigned. Team mentors gathered their team at different spots near library steps to decide the tagline for their respective teams.

Gathering the participants, team mentors introduced themselves to the team and asked participants also to introduce themselves to the other teammates.

Team names were as follows:

  1. Cyber saviors
  2. Digital warriors
  3. The next level players
  4. Team supreme
  5. Invincible

After deciding the tagline for each team, mentors gave them the 1st puzzle whose answer was leading to the beginning point of the treasure hunt. The clues were designed as per the tagline of the treasure hunt- “simple! complicated! simply complicated!!”. At every point, teams were supposed to solve the puzzles and get the next clue which would lead them to the next location. Though some of the clues were complicated ones, with teamwork and proper guidance of the team leaders, teams succeeded to move one step closer to the final treasure.

After completing half of the story, all the teams gathered near library steps for the delicious refreshment. Having the refreshment, participants were excited for the battle of finding the final treasure.

In the second half, the theme was digital detox. According to the theme, participants were not allowed to use any electronic device. The motto of the theme was to make the participants understand the harms of excessive use of electronic gadgets. In the second part, they had to perform five different activities which would lead them to the final clue.

In the quest, team Supreme had the last laugh. The President congratulated everyone and the treasure hunt ended with a bright smile on everyone’s face.







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