Today on 16th January the most sought-after ‘Treasure Hunt Special’ GBM took place. Everyone was excited and full of enthusiasm to solve different puzzles and scratch their heads.
The GBM was started by a mass discussion on the burning issue of “Are online delivery services trustworthy or not?”. The discussion was quite engaging.
Then followed the Secretarial announcement thus mentioning the birthday’s celebrated of the Rotaractors in the week.
The most awaited “Mini-Treasure” finally was initiated. The teams were named on the theme of the Treasure Hunt and were named as:
The first activity was ‘Delve to Start’. In this, a puzzle was given to the teams, the teams had to find a suitable method or a way so as to get the answer. As the puzzle was shown in the form of the video it was quite fun and interesting for everyone.
Then there was the beginning of the ‘Cache Hunt’, the teams were given the task of writing ‘TREASURE HUNT‘ letter by letter and for doing this two different teams were merged. The team who finished first would be the first one to go out and start finding the treasure.
Finally, the teams were sent outdoors to find the ‘Treasure‘. Co-ordinators assisted their respective teams. Teams discovered the place using the clues provided to them. After reaching the location, teams had to perform some enthralling activities.
The next and the final game was ‘Simply Complicated’. In this game, various riddles were shown to each team and the team answering the riddle correctly was awarded one point. Everyone enjoyed activity.
The GBM ended with President’s order.

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