After a long vacation, everyone came with lot of enthusiasm for the very first GBM of the Semester. The GBM started the President’s order.

The secretarial announcement was made which proclaimed the names of the Rotaractors who got placed and also the names of the Rotaractors who celebrated their birthdays. After that the GBM was handed over to CSDs.

The first session was a public speech given by Rtr. Vaishnavi Mokal on the topic “Surgical Strike”. She threw light on the reasons like why the Uri Surgical Strike happened in India in 2016? and its details. She also exemplified by stating some of the surgical strikes happened in the world.

Next session was the Debate on topic “Are new year resolutions fruitful or not?”. Participants were called upon the Dias for debate. Everyone put forth their points in the comprehensive manner.

The next game was ‘Me vs. Robot’ in which each team was assigned one topic. They had to imagine as it is World of robots and they had to create conversation between the group of people assigned to them followed by presenting it on the dais. This game tested their imagination and creativity. The whole room was filled with the laughter of Rotaractors.

Next game was ‘Why local make it global?’ in which teams had to think of any services or products which are not available online. They had to make them online. Also they had to do marketing of their product or services by making presentation on dias. The game tested their creativity and marketing skills.

The last game was ‘1 minute speech’. In this game participants were given a random topic on which they had to speak  for 1 minute. This game tested the spontaneity of participants.

At last, the Treasure Hunt committee was introduced by the President.

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