The GBM started with the President’s order. Moving on, the President asked everyone to share their indelible experiences about Diwali vacations and how they would celebrate it this year. After that, the GBM was handed over to the CSDs.

The theme of the GBM was Spontaneity.

The first session was an enactment activity named “Short Films: Making Movies That Matter”. In this activity teams had to create a short video film focusing on the issues faced by the society in Diwali. Some of them were ‘Fire Crackers and Diwali’, ‘Made in India and Diwali’, ‘Television during Diwali’ and ‘Shopping Market during Diwali’. 

The second session was a small activity, wherein the volunteers from each team had put forward their perspective on the points provided to them. The Rotaractors were amused when the volunteers were asked to put forth their views in support of the perspectives of other participants.

It was followed by prize distribution ceremony of Fitness Challenge and Essay Writing Competition conducted under Adhyaya-2018.  Appreciation letters to the Core Committee Members and the Volunteers for their contribution in Adhyaya -2018 were distributed. Along with that, the Core Committee members shared their experiences about designing Adhyaya-2018.

Before the conclusion of the GBM, core committee for the Mega-Event was announced by the international service director Rtr. Saurabh Kulkarni.

The GBM ended with the President’s order.


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