The GBM started with the President’s order. The secretarial announcement was made which proclaimed the names of the Rotaractors who got placed and also the names of the Rotaractors who celebrated their birthdays this week. After that Rtr. Ankush Khobragade shared his valuable experience regarding the placement activity. Moving on, the President asked everyone to share their experience about the Street Play. Following that, GBM was handed over to the CSDs.

The first session was a Mass Discussion on “Amritsar Dussehera Incident”, which was one of the biggest tragedies in India. Both the teams discussed on the Incident, concluding that people should be careful about their life and also organizers should take proper precautions before organizing any such programs.

The next session was “Blind Drawing”. In this session, a maximum of four people from each team had to close their eyes and with their eyes closed, they had to make posters on “Festivals in India”. Both the teams showed their creativity and made beautiful posters showing variety of festivals in India.

The third session was “Encircle It”, which was one of the sessions that made everyone look inside themselves. In this session, the teams were provided with blank sheets on which they had to sketch bad habits. After that, the sheets where exchanged. Lastly, they had to recognize the situations and narrate a story on how to convert such bad habits into good habits positively. This was a really good session which created awareness about the different good and bad habits.

The last session was “Story Link Program”. This session was based on the spontaneity and creativity. After providing one sentence, the Rotaractors had to make a story by linking everyone’s sentence. It indeed became a very funny session.

After that, the President shared how successfully we conducted the event “ADHYAYA”.

The GBM ended with the President’s order.

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