The GBM started with the President’s order. Moving on, the President discussed about some current happenings in the world with the Rotaractors. After that, the GBM was handed over to the CSDs.

It being the Teacher’s Day, the team names were:

  1. AltSchool – AltSchool delivers a whole-child, personalized education that fosters student agency.
  2. Steve Jobs School, Amsterdam – Here, the children are offered a rich learning environment with the most modern educational methods.
  3. Green School, Bali – Green School in Bali, Indonesia is giving its students a natural, holistic and student-centered education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet.
  4.  Egalia Pre-school in Stockholm, SwedenThe Egalia school system is founded on total equality between students.-Sweden’s ‘gender-neutral’ pre-school.

The first session was a public speech given by Rtr. Tejas Ahirrao and Rtr. Akash Mishra where they enlightened the Rotaractors with the topic Uniform civil code which is the ongoing point of debate within Indian mandate to replace personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India with a common set of rules governing every citizen.

As it was the “Spadille” special GBM, the next activity was a Interview Professionalism, wherein each team was given a profession and the other teams had to ask them a series of questions. Teams showed their creative and enthusiastic approach. Most of the first year people showed a great dynamic response towards it.

The next session was a debate. The topic given for the debate was -“Tutions are mandatory or not?”. As everyone had gone through the phase of tutions till 12th standard they put their points in the humorous and compendious manner. Every one enjoyed the session.

The last session was an enactment activity where the teams had prepared a skit and performed according to the professionals allotted to them.

The GBM ended with the President’s order.


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