The GBM started with the President’s order. Rtr. Sourabh, Rtr. Priyadarshani, Rtr. Aniket shared their valuable experiences about campus placements. After that, President discussed some current happenings in the world with the Rotaractors and also asked them to take a challenge of sharing book reviews in the upcoming GBMs.
Later on, GBM was handed over to the CSDs. The theme was “Politics”. Rtr. Jeevan introduced the GBM and acquainted the Rotaractors with the knowledge about the different types of elections that take place in the world.

The team names were:
1. Machine-politics: It is a political group in which an authoritative boss or small group commands the support of a corps of supporters and businesses, who receive rewards for their efforts.
2. Lame-duck: In politics, a lame duck is an elected official whose successor has already been elected.
3. Bipartisan: Bipartisanship, sometimes referred to as nonpartisanship, is a political situation, especially in the context of a two-party system, as is the case for countries such as the United States and some other western countries, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise.
4. Caucus: It is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement.

The first session was a public speech given by Rtr. Payal where she gave a compendious speech on the topic “Role of failure in our success”.

Seeing the atmosphere of election in the last few days in Sangli, this time the CSDs came up with a fun activity called “Prominence”. The teams had to make a political party name, a logo, a tagline,and an audio, which would help their party to stand as the prominent amongst all the other parties. The teams showed their innovative and enthusiastic approach to this activity.

The last session was the simulation of “Motion of no-confidence”, where the teams Lame-duck and Bipartisian were the ruling parties and the teams Machine-politics and Caucus were the opposition parties.

After that, the dais was handed over to the President where she declared about the GIM and reminded everyone to answer the challenge of book review. Following that, Rtr. Priyadarshani declared the Core Committee for the upcoming event under the Professional Service Avenue.

The GBM ended with the President’s order.

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