The GBM started with the President’s order. The theme was based on Vocabulary. Rtr. Shraddha discussed about some latest news and happenings in the world with the Rotaractors. After that, the GBM was handed over to the CSDs.

The team names were:
1. Rai Stone: The Yapese people used the rai stones as currency.
2. Shire Silver: Shire Silver combines the best properties of old fashioned precious metal coins with the ease of use and convenience of more modern currencies.
3. Tea brick: Tea bricks or compressed teas are whole or finely ground tea leaves compressed into brick form.
4. Shell money: Shell money usually consisted either of whole sea shells or pieces of them, which were often worked into beads or were otherwise artificially shaped.
The first session named “Incredible Super Wonderful”, was a vocabulary based activity. Below every desk, a sticky note was hidden with a word written on that. The task of teams was to find the sticky note having the match of those words, but on a condition that the team members were only allowed to pass the words without leaving their position from the bench. Indeed, the activity enlightened and boosted knowledge of students about several difficult words.

After the first session, a nice public speech was delivered by Rtr. Sonali on “Currency”. She explained how money came into human life and also, various terms like Inflation, etc.

The third session was “Accent”, in which the teams had to perform a small act based on a particular english accent given to their team.

In the fourth session, teams were provided map of the world with some names of currencies and they were expected to highlight the countries on the map in correspondence with the currencies.

Finally, before concluding the GBM, as an appreciation of their efforts towards the club Rtr. Saurabh Rathod, Rtr. Sayali Sonvane, Rtr. Akash Mishra, Rtr. Anjankumar Navkekar were inducted as Rotaractors.

Thus, the GBM ended with President’s order.


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