In the wave of new hope and dreams, the very first GBM of the year commenced. Greetings and wishes from the president Rtr. Shraddha Unhale was the very first move.

The secretarial announcement was made which proclaimed our Rotaract club as the Best Club in Professional Development Service Avenue and also the names of the Rotaractors who got placed. Rotaractors then shared their holiday experiences. Moving on, president acquainted the members with current affairs happening all around the world and shared the importance of meditation by giving the example of how meditation helped Thai footballers to survive in a dreadful cave.

The session was then handed over to CSDs. The theme was on the current burning issue “Plastic ban!!”  and the names of the teams were based on plastic manufacturing companies
SYNCMEN –  Syncmen Enterprise Corporation is a professional paper bag manufacture.
Bio Green Clean –  Bio Green Clean is the manufacturer of all-purpose natural cleaner on the market.
AGILYX –  Agilyx has developed solution platforms that take waste polystyrene and produce styrene monomers that can be fully recycled back into polystyrene products.
CISKO –  CISKO Plastics (HK) Limited, China Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Plastic Raw Materials.

The very first session started with the public speech given by Rtr. Raj Mankar where he chose to enlighten the students with the topic named – “7 habits of highly effective people”.
The second session was the Mass Discussion where students spoke on the topic:-“Plastic should be banned or not”.
The next session was strategy making where each team was given a tricky situation and they ought to provide a solution so that it would sustain their companies in the market.
The last session was the enactment activity which was named as WOW(Wipe Out Waste). In this activity, teams were given dirty and garbage dumped places from different cities of India and they had to make a small skit. Teams were supposed to perform on that. Indeed, the session brought a wave of humor and happiness on the faces of everyone.

Thus, the GBM was ended with the order of the president.


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