It was the last GBM of this Academic year and for BEs the last of their engineering. No doubt it was bound to be special and TEs didn’t disappoint at any point in time.

GBM started with the address of Vice President Rtr. Vatsala Singh. She put the focus on the what is the role of BE’s and how important their role is for the development of the Club. She shared medal tally and position of India in ongoing 21st Commonwealth Games. Followed by this was the Secretarial announcement by Rtr. Akshay Satpaise who announced the placement news of Rtr. Akshay. Soon after that Rtr. Akshay Shelke shared his valuable experience amongst all the participants of GBM which gave a kick start to the GBM.

Team names for this GBM were as follows: The Avengers, Guardians of Galaxy, X-Men, Justice League.

Followed by this was the game named B-E-ctionary in which BEs from each team had to draw 5 objects related to their fellow B.E Rotaractor which was given by the CSD’s and rest of the BE’s had to guess his/her name by looking at the objects.

Next was game named “Close Enough”. In this 4 posters were given to each team and the teams had to click a photo by enacting the same poster and make it similar in a best possible way.

Finally, BE’s refreshed their memories by enacting a mimicry of their wonderful experiences in college and also of their fellow batch mate Rotaractors. Finally, the GBM ended.

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