GBM started with the president’s order.The theme of the GBM was tourism Rtr.Shivani discussed some latest news and happenings in the world with Rotaractors.After this GBM was handed to CSDs.

Team names were as follows:
1:Aokigahara : Forest on northwestern flank of Japan’s mount Fuji,known as Sea of trees.
2:Isla de las munecas : Island in Mexico city filled with decomposing,hanging dolls.
3:Pripyat : Ghost town in northern Ukraine.

First was a outdoor activity.In this,each team was representing a in which host visits new places in each episode and explores it.Teams were to play the roles of the show assigned to them,which were ‘Anthony Bourdain No reservations’,’Globe Trekker’,’Off Limits’ for Team-1,Team-2,Team-3 respectively.Teams had to shoot a video with host informing audience about the unexplored areas within the location.Location to the teams were provided by marking on college map,printed on a paper.The videos made by teams were exciting and everyone enjoyed this activity.

After this Rtr.Sushmit gave public speech on ‘Operation Thunderbolt‘.In 1976 a passenger aeroplane of Israel was hijacked by terrorist organization of Palestine.This speech showcased on journey of Israel Air force about how they retained plane with passengers,thus successfully completing mission named ‘Operation Thunderbolt’.

Next was ‘Itinerary‘.Recently club members were planning to have a picnic ,but was cancelled because of lack of proper planning.To avoid this our CSds came up with an idea,in this activity a tourist place was provided to every team and were given 15 minutes to design the entire flow of visit.Later one member from each team had to enlighten it for everyone.

At last videos captured during first activity were shown.
The GBM ended with president’s order.

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