This was the first GBM after megaevent ‘CRYPNANCE’.GBM started with president’s order.

The team names were as follows:
1:USA 2:China 3:India 4:Russia

First event was a game full of creativity called ‘Best Out Of Waste’.In this game, teams were given five minutes to gather scrap or waste material from the college premises so as to build something usefull, creative out of it as the name suggests.Basically teams had to design a mascot which represented a social message and later present it.

Next was a Public Speech by Rtr. Anurag on ‘Block Chain’.

Next event was Conference on ‘E-waste’.The agenda included discussion on reason behind the increase in e-waste,policies to be designed to reduce e-waste,actions needed to be taken for its reduction and co-ordination of the countries for the same.Teams were allotted with one country each and one volunteer from each team explained how his/her country has taken steps regarding this issue.

At last felicitation ceremony of the core committee,media committee and brokers committee took place.

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