The last GBM before MSE of the second semester of the year 2017-18 commenced on 14th Feb. The GBM started with President sharing the current news. She also introduced a new feature of WhatsApp too i.e. pay through WhatsApp.
Later GBM handed to the CSD’S.

The theme of GBM was Media.The first session was ‘Caricature’. In this session, one slide full of news was displaced and each team was provided with two topics. The team members made Caricature regarding their news and then a representative from each team gave their presentation.
In the second session, teams divided into two groups. As it was valentine’s day an open debate over the topic should valentine’s day be celebrated or not was kept.
Next was ‘Will you be the voice of change?’, in this session, CSD’s showed three news anchors from three different news channels. They allocated the topics to each team and one representative from the team has to explain the news in the tune similar to that news anchor.

The next session was ’Press conference’ regarding the movie ‘Padmavati’. All B-Tech Rotaractors were made the part of the crew. IT was an interview with the entire crew before releasing the movie. Two to three representatives from each team called on front benches as reporters. Reporters asked all the queries regarding the movie.
Then the next session handed to Rtr. Onkar Kadam in which he announced the team for the souvenir. He appealed everyone that they should contribute to the souvenir.
The GBM was ended with the order of the President.

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