“The investment in knowledge pays the best” with this thought the GBM dated 7th Feb started. The theme of the GBM was to let everyone know how our parliament really works.

The GBM started with a public speech from Rtr Bhushan and Rtr Tejas which was an informative session on Budget2018, recently declared by the finance minister Arun Jaitley. The speech focused on the key points of the budget and some interesting facts of budget2018.The session was quite informative.
Next game was “The Election Manifesto“. In this game, Rotaractors from B.tech has to stand in an election and represent a party. The parties were “BJP”, “Congress” and ” AAP”. A day prior to the GBM they were asked to prepare a manifesto regarding the developments they will do in the college. During the game, they read out their manifesto and prescribed the developments they will bring once they are elected.
After this, an election was held and each participant had to come forward to cast a vote for the candidate of their choice. The election was conducted on an app and soon results were declared.
Each team was assigned with a leader and a party. After this, the party having maximum votes was sent outside and given following four posts
1. Ministry of innovation
2. Ministry of education
3. Ministry of culture
4. Ministry of student welfare
The posts were to assign to the team members. Meanwhile, other teams were asked to prepare questions to ask the ruling team regarding the manifesto.

Next was a Question-answer session and was a replica of Question hour in parliament. The participants had to address to the speaker for either questioning or answering. The questions were tricky, but the ministers tackled the questions wisely.

After this, a bill regarding ” Student’s and women welfare” was introduced in the house. Various amendments were introduced in the bill. Participants had to discuss the amendments. Finally, the bill was passed with an informative speech from Rtr Akshay.

The GBM ended with the order of President.

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