Finally the much awaited day came. Everyone gathered to crack the brainstorming puzzles and have fun because it was the day of Treasure Hunt. Participants of Treasure Hunt gathered near steps at 8:00 am. They were divided into teams. Team Mentors gathered their teams at different spots. Team members introduced themselves to each other and then decided their team names:

Team names were based on the theme of treasure hunt i.e Alien Invasion and are as follows :




4:Curosity Crackers

Teams gathered at steps, to initiate the Treasure Hunt. They first had to play a Balloon game. In this, each team sent their 8 volunteers, four of each team were placed facing opposite to other four with a certain distance. Two members from one side had to push a balloon towards their other members on the opposite side, without using hands and legs and were supposed to reach on the other side and then the other two team members were supposed to continue the same.

And finally the treasure hunt started. As soon as the teams were done with the balloon game, the  team mentors were handed over with the very first clue, teams were led to their separate paths with one step closer towards their treasure.

Teams after reaching to their first spot, searched for the clue and with the clue the story line for treasure hunt began.

At every spot, teams were supposed to find the clue and crack it so as to lead to another location and which was in itself a challenge, but with teamwork and with some help of co-ordinators, teams  succeeded to move one step closer to final treasure.

After completing nearly half of the story all the teams were driven to a common location in campus, Lipton, by their story line. BEs participated in the fun games carried out at Lipton.

Around 1PM all the teams were exhausted and this was the time for their delicious refreshment which was enjoyed by everyone.

After refreshment the teams were all set again cheering slogans. Brainstorming clues were solved by the teams, finally reaching to the conclusion of the story line.

The teams were driven by the treasure’s lust to the final destination. Every participant was trying his/her best to grab the treasure for the team. Team NASA excelled the chase.

At last, team NASA was appreciated and the hunt end ed with feedback and everyone departed with a big smile on their face.

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