The first GBM after Treasure Hunt took place. The GBM started with feedback session of Treasure hunt which took place on 21th January, Sunday.

The team names were as follows:

1: Henry Ford-The founder Ford Motor Company.

2: Sam Walton-American businessman and entrepreneur known for founding retailers Walmart and Sam’s club.

3: Charles Schwab-Founder of Charles Schwab Corporation, one of the largest banks in the U.N.

The first game was The HR Time. One volunteer from each team was asked a question and has to answer quickly. The round was basically to have an idea about the type of HR questions asked during an HR interview.

The next game was a Business Model. In this game, a common domain was given to all the teams. The domain was E-commerce. The teams were given 20 mins and within this time the teams had to prepare their business strategy. To educate the teams about how the strategy is made, teams were given points as follows:

A: Customer Needs Identification.

B: Serviceable Addressable Market

C: Product Differentiation with respect to competition.

The aim of the game was to let everyone know how new firms and business companies use their exceptional business strategies to compete with existing firms and business companies. Two volunteers from each team were to present the business strategy they had prepared. The volunteers were given 2 mins to present to all the teams. After two minutes other teams were given chance to ask questions to the pitching team.

The last game Advertising, was a continuation of the second round. In this game, teams had to make an advertisement for their product and present it to everyone.

After that Treasure hunt core committee was felicitated.

At last, the announcement of Blood Donation Camp was done which is on 1st Feb 2018.

The GBM ended with the order of President.


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