Today on 17th January 2018the most awaited Treasure Hunt special GBM took place. Everyone was excited and was in full enthusiasm to crack the brainstorming puzzles. The flow of GBM was to solve a number of mysterious events in order to catch the culprit who stole last year’s treasure.


The teams were named on the theme of Treasure Hunt and are(were) as follows:

1 Jacksparrow: A character in film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

2 Indiana Jones: A character in the film ‘Raiders of the lost ark’.

3 Tin-Tin: Fictional character in TinTin comic series.

4 Alibaba: A character from the story ‘Alibaba and the 40 thieves’.

The first activity was ‘Brainstorm’. In this, a puzzle was given to teams, the teams had to find a suitable way or method so as to get the answer. As the puzzle was shown in the form of a video, something new was experienced by everyone.

The teams after solving the first puzzle got the next question, it was a riddle. Both the questions were tough, but with some hints, teams solved them with flying colours.

After the riddle, teams were asked to draw college map and then some tricky images were given, one with hidden words while other with hidden movie names. It was fun and everyone excelled in guessing the names.

Next came the most awaited event ’The Hunt‘, the outdoor activity. Co-ordinators assisted their respective teams when they were out. Teams were given clue, using which teams cracked them to discovered the place, where they were given activity and the team which would complete the activity, wins the game.


The next game was “Word Shambles”. In this, four columns were drawn on board which were as follows: Definitely yes, Definitely not, Maybe, Your choice. A volunteer from each team was called and was given a place. That volunteer need to choose the most appropriate words fitting in these columns from word cloud which was given on screen and on basis of these words teams had to recognize the place.


Everybody enjoyed watching the videos shot during the activity. At last first year students shared their experience.

The GBM ended with President’s order.


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