The GBM started with the address of president Rtr.Shivani Kondewar about her interview experience and also about the ‘Article 35A’  which was brought in action on the very day.

Further, the club service was handled to CSDs..

The team names were as follows:

Team A: Spizzerinctum– vigor, and vitality. and Jackanapes-A cheeky or impertinent person.

Team B: Vivacious-Attractively lively and animated and Oratund.-Resonant and Imposing.

The first session was an interesting game called Presento. In this game as the name suggests some slides were presented by CSDs and two members of each team were called to speak about slides without stopping till the slides are being played..

In the next session Rtr.Shradhha Unhale provided a glimpse of Sarahah which is a messaging service developed by a Saudi Arabian developer and a fantastic speech on Cyber-bully explaining about how electronic communication can be used to bully others usually by sending messages of intimidating and threatening nature.

The next session was a game called Hangman. In this game CSDs gave a number of dashes or blank spaces on board and a representative from each team has to come front and was given with  a domain and asked to guess the proper word by filling the blank spaces  with limited chances and if chances are over player is been hung i.e virtual hanging as the name of game suggests.

The next session was We need to talk. CSDs provided 4 topics to each team and the topics were the worst problems listed by World Economic Forum in 2016.The teams were expected to discuss and provide the solution to them.

The last game was Yes, No questions. A funny game, in which a number of questions were asked to members of all the teams, but members had to answer to those questions exactly opposite to the answer of the question.

The GBM ended with president’s order.









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