Knowledge is a powerful acquisition in life and following this, CSDs started the GBM with sharing the knowledge over the current happenings around the world. CSDs focused on the topic such as LasVegas shooting, Elphinstone railway station incident etc.

The team names were as follows:

Exasperate: to irritate or provoke to a high degree

Blatherskite: a person who talks at great length without making much sense.

Apoptosis:is a process of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms

The first game was QUESTION THE FOLLOWING ANSWERS, in which each team were shown with 10 questions on the board and was provided with sticky notes, which had answers written on them. Two Rotaractors had to voluntarily come on the dais from each team and had to stick the notes over the appropriate question on the board. They were given 1 minute to see the questions, one minute to paste the sticky note.

Next Session was a public speech by Rtr. Akshay Gaykwad on the topic Industrial Revolutions. The public speech covered how the industries were introduced and various phases of the industries during their evolution.

Then the second game was REVERSO in which teams were shown few lines of Bollywood songs which were translated in English. Teams were to guess the song and tell the name of the song followed by the name of the movie which the song belonged to, by translating it to English. It was a bit hard task to guess the song but with a team effort, everyone aced the test and had fun.

After that, there was the facilitation of the Adhyaya core committee. Everyone was called on stage, they were given the letter of appreciation followed by an experience sharing from each core committee member.

Then, Rtr. Vatsala thrown light over the well-known Schrodinger’s cat theory and took everyone’s views over this.

Thus, the GBM was ended with the command of the Vice president.


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